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I’m Hannah Sophia from @hsophbeauty on Instagram and I’m one of the Etmore Beauty squad members! This has been such an amazing opportunity and  I’ve had the chance to play with all the products and get to know what I love about them!

Argan Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes

When it comes to eyeshadow, I need my mattes to be pigmented and blend-able and my shimmers to be intense and impactful. I get all that and more with Argan Eyes from Etmore, and the best part is it costs me less than £10. What made me fall in love with Etmore eyeshadows is that they’re high end quality, for drugstore price. Not to mention they’re infused with argan oil so the shadows are extra smooth!

My favourite palette is Call Me Soon, it has my favourite tones, pinks & purples with a pop of the most intense champagne I own! Look At Me Now has some similar berry shimmers but has more mattes, including some more wearable transition shades, ones I gravitate towards for every day wear, with a pop of gorgeous yellow. Last but not least is Warm Me Up, which is more of a cool toned palette, perfect for a smokey eye or a grunge look. It includes a beautiful golden shimmer which I even like to use as a highlighter.

A look I created with Argan Eyes Call Me Soon & Look At Me Now.

Liquid Illuminator

I definitely have a highlighter obsession. Its my most favourite part of my makeup routine, and I never miss it. Whenever I do my makeup without a liquid illuminator underneath a powder highlight, I always notice that my glow is no where near as blinding as it could be. Until Etmore, I was searching hopelessly for the perfect drugstore liquid highlight, and nothing I tried compared to some of the high end ones I own. And then I tried the Etmore liquid illuminator and I was so happy! These highlighters are truly amazing, and I’m a highlight snob.

The consistency is perfect, not too runny that it drips everywhere but not too thick that it clumps, it’s buildable, blinding, layers well with powder highlight, comes with a ton of product (60ml!) and is multi functional! It can be used as body highlight, mixed in with foundation for a more glowy base, mixed with moisturiser for a natural glow even without makeup, applied before makeup as an illuminating primer or of course just placed on the high points of the face. It’s beautiful alone or layered, and glowy enough that I don’t always feel the need to lay powder highlight on top!

There are three shades, my personal favourite being Sunset Blush since it’s a golden champagne, the most complimentary shade for my olive/tan skin tone. Then theres Champagne Ice which is, as the name suggests, an icy pink champagne colour, perfect for pale skin. There’s also Moroccan Princess which is a beautiful bronze, perfect for deeper skin tones. I love this from Etmore because not only can it be hard to even find a liquid illuminator at the drugstore, it can be even harder to find inclusive shades, and Moroccan Princess definitely caters to darker skin.

Forever Fibre Brows & Forever Fibre Lashes

These two products are life saving for me. I love Forever Fibre Brows because the starts of my brows are very sparse compared to the rest of my brow which is fairly thick. The fibres in this brow product really help me to even out my entire eyebrow and makes me feel so much more confident! I also love Forever Fibre Lashes, in fact it’s quickly become my favourite mascara and I use it every day. The mascara alone is amazing, lengthening and volumizing, but Etmore went a step further and provided lash fibres which take your lashes to another level! For best results, seal in the fibres with one last coat of mascara, and find yourself dreaming about how amazing your lashes look all day.

Mineral Complexion Powder

I really like the Mineral Powder from Etmore, it’s soft and mattifying without being dry. It has different coloured particles within it to target different problem areas on the face. Pink brightens the complexion, Lavender camouflages dull skin tone, yellow hides tired eyes while green cancels out blemishes and neutralises red skin. All of this packed into one powder is life saving and is why I enjoy this so much.

So there’s my run down on Etmore Beauty and the products that have been launched so far. I’m so excited to see what’s next for this brand, and I recommend them wholeheartedly. Products are available to buy right now, so if I were you I’d have a little look before you go! You will truly fall in love with Etmore like I have, I’m sure of it.


Hannah Sophia – @hsophbeauty


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