Meet our girl, Shivon!

Hi everyone, my names Shivon!

I’ve recently been introduced to this new and exciting beauty brand ‘Etmore Beauty’ who are all about more and more and I absolutely love it. They’ve decided to spread the love about their brand via their new beauty squad, which consists of 5 beauty passionate ladies including me! So like I said, I’m Shivon, from shivonmakeupbiz and I’ve been so obsessed with all things beauty ever since a young age; I’ve always loved the community aspect of the beauty industry and am so excited to build on that passion by being a part of the new Etmore Beauty Squad!

To launch, they have 5 products which are simply amazing; their Argan Eyes Eyeshadow palettes which come in 3 styles; ‘Call Me Soon’ which has more purple/pinky tones with a gorgeous bronze shade – my personal favourite! Then you have ‘Look at me now’ which has some gorgeous bronzey/brown shades. And lastly, you have ‘Warm Me Up’ which is simply perfect for a smokey eye.

Moving onto the next product, the Forever Fibre brows, is perfect to fill and shape your brows! It’s made with 100% cellulose fibres for a natural look and is smudge proof! Not only do we Forever Fibre brows, we’ve also got Forever Fibre Lashes which is a two-step system for longer, fuller and fatter lashes.

Next up is the ‘Mineral Complexion’ powder which contains colour correcting particles to help you achieve that flawless photo finish – I love this for touch ups!

Lastly but certainly not least, is my favourite product and that is the Liquid Illuminator (which just like the eyeshadow palettes, comes in 3 beautiful shades)! The shades are; ‘Champagne Ice’ a pretty pink based highlighter, ‘Sunset Blush’ a bronze with a gorgeous gold/pink tone to it (my personal fave out of the three) and lastly, ‘Moroccan Princess’ which is a deeper bronze, perfect for people with a tan or a deeper skin tone. Once you get your hands on these highlighters, I guarantee the first thing you’ll notice is just how big they are! You get an amazing 60ml of product, which is huge for a liquid illuminator – but like they say, you do #GetMoreWithEtmore!

The brand officially launches product purchasing on the 24th of September which isn’t far away at all and I’m so so excited for you to try out the products for yourselves too and fall in love with Etmore Beauty.

Lots of love,

Shivon xo



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