Etmore Beauty Squad

Etmore Beauty is here to shake up your make up! If you hadn’t guessed already Etmore is all about more! More product. More results. More effect. More impact. More influence. More shimmer. More moisture. More glamour. More fun. More time to shine. More is more is more.

New innovations in makeup? We’re on it and we’re in on it! We love a good Dupe. Etmore is here to feed an insatiable appetite for beauty products. Discover the best kept secrets and indulge in Etmore Magic.

Let’s shake up your make up.

Lucie Rowlands

Meet Lucy

Makeup is my hobby, profession and most importantly, my creative outlet.

I think it’s so important to do something for you, and only you. Makeup is the perfect way for me to do that. As much as I love going makeup free, makeup is a great way to change up your look dependant on your mood. Almost like an extra accessory.

Stephanie Snowdon

Meet Stephanie

Makeup obsessed? That’s me.

I love wearing makeup, it makes me feel confident and feel all glam! No amount of makeup will ever be enough. Trying out new trends and products is what I do best! I’m always on the lookout for the next best thing!

Madeline Horne

Meet Madeline

I am 100% a self-confessed makeup lover and I love getting creative with different looks.

Who said you can’t use an eyeshadow as a highlighter? Makeup really brings out the arts in my personality and I love adding new items to my makeup bag.

Shivon Johnston

Meet Shivon

Makeup to me is strength of your creativity, as an individual and showing your beauty through art.

It gives you confidence and makes you feel better – it’s my way of expressing myself. Days when I wear bright pink eyeshadow and it brings out my blue eyes – I love those kind of days and I love being vibrant!

Hannah Sophia

Meet Hannah

Makeup means everything to me, it’s something I truly dedicate myself and my time into, it’s a hobby that has helped me grow my confidence, and practice new skills and techniques every day.

I’m very passionate about my love for makeup! I believe everyone should be able to wear makeup and feel good!

We’re 100% CRUELTY free!