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Kylie Jenner, love her or hate her, it’s undeniable, the girls got good makeup. I’ve always loved Kylie’s makeup looks. No matter what look she wears, it’s always consistent with her personal style. Today I’m going to share some of my favourite Kylie looks and explain how to recreate them with affordable Etmore Beauty products.

Hero Products: Etmore Beauty Argan Eyes in Call Me Soon & Forever Fibre Lashes

To recreate Kylie’s pastel eye look, blend the light pink shade in the Call Me Soon Palette through the crease. Add a pop of highlight to the brow bone & inner corner using the light gold shimmer shade. Next, apply the lightest purple shimmer shade all over the lid and the lower lash line. Finally, take the light gold shimmer shade and apply only to the centre on the lid for extra dimension.

To achieve Kylies long, fluffy lower lashes. Apply two coats of the Etmore Beauty Forever Fibre Lashes for guaranteed longer lashes.

Hero Products: Etmore Beauty Forever Fibre Brows & Argan Eyes Palette in Warm Me Up

Kylie really does have perfect brows. They’re defined without being too harsh and over drawn. To recreate this style of brows, the Etmore Beauty Forever Fibre Brows is my go-to product. Apply using the applicator directly to the brow hairs, if you need to sharpen any areas, shake out some of the product to the back of your hand and apply with an angled brush.

For the eyes, use the Etmore Beauty Argan Eyes in Warm Me Up. First, use the light brown shade and blend through the crease. Next, take the matte white shade and add a pop of highlight to the brow bone, inner corner and inner portion of the lid. Finally, take the darker brown shade on an angled brush and create a smokey winged liner.

Hero Product: Etmore Beauty Liquid Illuminator

Kylie is definitely more of a matte girl but when she glows, she really goes for it. To recreate this look, apply the Etmore Beauty Liquid Illuminator in a shade to match your skin tone all over clean skin. Apply your foundation, concealer and contour. Once your makeup is set, apply a second layer of illuminator to the cheeks, between the brows, down the bridge of the nose and the centre of the chin.

Red carpet tip: Always make sure to apply highlighter to the body too. Use a darker shade of Liquid Illuminator for a bronzey look.

Hero Product: Etmore Beauty Argan Eyes in Look At Me Now

This bronzey glam is so simple to create but so effective. To recreate, use the Argan Eyes palette in Look At Me Now. First, start off by applying an eyeshadow guard to help create the sharp line. Next, take the warm matte brown from the palette and apply it through the crease, to the lid and the lower lashline. Make sure to blend all the way up to the eyeshadow guard!

Then, apply a layer of Etmore Beauty Liquid Illuminator to the lid to act as an glowy base for the shimmer shade. Finally, take a flat eyeshadow brush and apply the deep gold shimmer from the palette all over the lid.

Hero Products: Etmore Beauty Mineral Complexion Powder & Argan Eyes in Look At Me Now

This all matte look is perfect for day or night. To start off with, after applying your foundation and concealer apply a generous amount of the Etmore Beauty Mineral Complexion Powder. This will matte out the base and add extra coverage to mimic Kylie’s skin.

Next, use the warm brown shade from the Look At Me Now Argan Eyes Palette and blend through the crease. Then using a smaller brush, blend the cool brown shade from the same palette on to the lid and the lower lash line. Finally, take the cool brown shade on an angled brush and pack on the lash line, creating a smokey winged liner.

Lucie x

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