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Feeling a bit strapped for time in the mornings but still want to be glam? Here’s an easy step-by-step everyday makeup look with Etmore Beauty.

We all have mornings where we barely have time to brush our hair let alone put some makeup on. Over many years of being in a rush, I’ve mastered the ‘get out the door in 5 minutes but still look respectable look’. Etmore beauty is super simple to use, no fuss products designed with us lazy gals in mind. Here’s my quick and easy everyday look.

If you’re really strapped for time, mix your favourite foundation with the Etmore Liquid Illuminator and apply it with your fingers. This gives you a fresh base and takes less than a minute. The heat from your fingers warms the products up and makes it super easy to blend.

Next, add a little bit of concealer under the eyes and make sure to set it with the Mineral Complexion Powder. The powder ensures your makeup will last and it also features colour correctors giving you a flawless finish. Apply a bit of bronzer around the perimeters of the face for extra dimension.

A face is never finished without brows but they can be a bit of a pain when you’re in a rush. The Forever Fibre Brows is designed to give you perfect brows in an instant. All you need to do is brush your brows through then take the easy to apply wand and dust it along your brows.

If you want a little more definition, take a brow pencil and fill in the outer edges for more shape.

For a quick and defined eye, I like to use the Argan Eyes Warm Me Up Palette. The shades are really neutral and easy to apply. On a rush day, I take a brown shade and run that through the crease as a transition shade. Then, I take a shimmer shade and pat that on the eyelid.

Next, I always like to apply a liner. It’s quick to do and really finishes off a ‘rushed’ look, plus, you save so much time on the other steps you have a couple minutes to spare for liner!
Finally, I take the Forever Fibre Lashes and give my lashes a good coat. This is a really good alternative to applying falsies if you have short lashes since the fibres give extra length and volume.

Don’t forget to tag your Etmore Beauty looks with #etmorebeauty!

Lucie xo




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