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Hey everyone, my names Stephanie and I’m one of the Etmore Beauty squad members.

I am so excited to work alongside Etmore Beauty as they are all about giving you more and more! More products, more results, more quality and just everything more!  I only work with brands that I totally believe in and feel like I can give 110% too, Etmore Beauty is definitely one of them! I want to give you the lowdown on why I like each product.

Argan Eyes

I can be very fussy with eyeshadows as I really like them to perform and be highly pigmented. Well with all three Argan Eyes palettes, they really do perform. They are really creamy and pigment rich which I love love love and so blendable! I can really create so many different looks with these palettes.

Forever Fibre Brows

Forever Fibre Brows comes in two shades Light to Medium and Medium to dark. I literally love this product and is for sure my go to. Forever Fibre Brows is perfect for anyone and everyone’s and gives you those fleeky brows. The best part is, it is so easy to use and perfect for the beginners in makeup and the pros! Now everyone can have those fleeky brows, thin or thick, the choice is yours!

Liquid Illuminator

Liquid Illuminators took my breath away. They come in three shades and are so multi use. Moroccan Princess, I can use it for my all over body glow as you get a huge 60ml! Sunset Blush & Champagne Ice are perfect for the glow on the face and to mix in with the foundation to prime my skin for the perfect glow.

Mineral Complexion

My perfect setting powder, Mineral Complexion – quick, easy and simple. Perfect for everyday to set my makeup or for a sheer coverage on those no makeup days. Perfect for all skin tones.

Forever Fibre Lashes

This is perfect for those days when I don’t really want to where my falsies. I can now get the falsie look without the falsie stress. Perfect long lasting lashes.



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