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3 Ways To Use Liquid Illuminator

3 Ways To Use Liquid Illuminator



If you want a little extra glow on no makeup days, add a Liquid Illuminator to the high points of your face. This is an easy way to give your skin some dimension without using a tonne of products. If your skin is on the dryer side, applying Liquid Illuminator under your foundation will give you healthy, fresh looking skin. Use a darker shade for a tan effect or a lighter shade for a brightening effect.

On the body

Ever wonder how celebs look so polished on the red carpet? It’s mainly highlighter. And lots of it. Etmore Beauty Liquid Illuminator is perfect for use on the body. Take a large fluffy brush and apply to collarbones, arms, chest and legs for a healthy red carpet glow.

Mixed with foundation

If you have a full coverage, matte foundation that you don’t tend to use for daily wear. Mix in a pump of the Liquid Illuminator, this will thin the foundation out, making it lighter on the skin and making the foundation go a lot further. This is the perfect solution for people with dry skin or days you want to be extra glowy.

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